Friday, January 7, 2011

"Double Eye" Dare You

Did you know that SCHMETZ has a needle with two eyes? 

Yes, the Double Eye needle.  Just like the name says, a needle with two eyes - one eye on top of another eye.  The Double Eye is terrific for texturing and shading.  I have found this needle most successful with straight stitches and the decorative stitches already built into my machines.  There are two helpful hints to using this needle:   Your thread spools should unwind in opposite directions and . . .

Slow down! 
Reduce Your Sewing Speed!
Here's a terrific sample of "stitching in the ditch" using the
 Double Eye needle.  The sample was created by
Bridget Wilson Matlock from TN. 

Stitching in the Ditch using...

Yellow and a Variegated Blue Threads

Stitches are more pronounced with the Double Eye.  Try the Double Eye needle with different thread colors or even different types of threads.  Have some fun!  I "Double Eye" dare you! 

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  1. Could you please show a video of how the stitch is formed with a double eye needle?

  2. Would you lengthen the stitch as well?
    I have played with the needle and found you get diffrent results then the darker color is through the top eye versus the bottm eye

    1. Interesting, this is a fun needle for experimentation. You are right. Another helpful hint is to increase the stitch length. Thanks for your comments.