Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Change Your Needle

Just a reminder that your sewing machine needle will NOT last forever!  Here are clues to watch and listen for when sewing:

Broken or Shredded Threads
Skipped or Uneven Stitches
Puckered or Damaged Fabrics
Popping Sound Made By Sewing Machine

That's right!  If you see or hear any of these clues while sewing, it's time to . . . .

Change Your Needle!

A small investment to make your machine sing and your sewing soar.  :)



Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sulky Holoshimmer Thread

Meet Eric Drexler, Sulky National Educator.  We met up in Portland OR at International Quilt Market and I asked about the beautiful Sulky Holoshimmer Thread.  I love the special beauty and shimmer that metallic threads lend to sewing projects, but confessed that I am intimated to use metallic threads more frequently.  Eric was very gracious to make this video to share with you and me too. 

Holoshimmer is a thin, flat ribbon-like polyester film that is metalized with an aluminum holographic layer resulting in shimmery, brilliant reflectiveness.  Wow, this sounds like an engineering marvel!  Like Eric mentions in the video a key component to successful stitching with Holoshimmer is using a SCHMETZ Topstitch or Metallic needle.  The eyes of both needles are enlarged . . . and you may need to tweak or reduce the stitch tension.  Visit my February 5, 2013 blog post for the SCHMETZ Needle Eye Comparison chart.

Thanks Eric for your very helpful information.  Eric is a machine embroidery artist and loves to teach.  If you have a chance to take one of Eric's machine embroidery classes at your local shop or a sewing expo, you will be more than glad.  Sulky Holoshimmer . . . I'm going to grab a spool and start stitching!




Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lunch Box Quilts

The curve of the tail, that certain look, that attitude. . . Angie Steveson has captured that certain "cattitude" in her new quilt pattern Cat's Meow.  I have enjoyed the mystery and humor of living with cats, but since I don't have a cat in my life now, a cute colorful cat quilt will more than do. 

Cat's Meow, Lunchbox Quilts

Meet Angie Steveson, designer and owner of Lunch Box Quilts.  Angie has created Cat's Meow - 7 embroidered and applique kitty cat designs complete with optional embroidered paw prints, balls of yarn and fish scales.   I like that the designs are already loaded onto a USB key.  Plus each block is stitched in the machine embroidery hoop.  Easy! 

I met up with Angie in Portland OR at International Quilt Market and made this short video.

Lunch Box Quilts patterns are fun, just like Angie!  Find Lunch Box Quilts patterns at your local quilt shop.  Visit Angie's website to view her full pattern line and her schedule - maybe she will be teaching at a store near you. 



Tuesday, June 4, 2013


That's right.... the new SCHMETZ Needles App is available.  Yahoo!!!!!

There's a reason SCHMETZ makes a variety of needle types and sizes and it has to do with performance.  Stitch quality improves with the appropriate needle.  In the SCHMETZ App take a look at the different types of needles available for your home sewing projects. 

Mark Your Favorite Needle with a Red Heart

Not sure what needle to use with a certain fabric?  Use the Needle Fabric Reference - just select a fabric type and a needle will be suggested. 

For those of you that may think a needle lasts forever, check out the "Change Your Needle" clues.  Yes, you really do have to change your needle.  You will see and hear the difference!  There's a terrific photo of a needle that looks sewing-ready to the naked eye, but close-up views show otherwise. 

On the SCHMETZ App learn about needles, select a needle, then buy your SCHMETZ needles at your local quilt shop, fabric store or machine dealer.

Android users, we love you!  The Android SCHMETZ App is in the works.

Download the SCHMETZ App now.  It's free!