Thursday, January 28, 2010

SCHMETZ Testimonial - Christine Spencer

Christine Spencer is from Detroit, Michigan. When asked the question, “When did you learn how to sew?” She replied, “I was in 7th grade and taking sewing in home ec. My grandmother gave me the machine that my grandfather used before he passed away. It was an antique black Singer electric machine. I practiced what I learned in class at home. I had a Zen experience while I was making a pair of lime-green hip hugger pants appliqu├ęd with a moon and star: I felt like I was one with the universe while sewing on the machine. I have spent the rest of my life sewing because of that experience.”

While attending college, Christie apprenticed to tailors, first in a menswear store and later in a uniform factory. After graduating, she worked as a tailor and then as an instructor at a technical school (Institute of Merchandising and Design). Eventually, she started her own business -- custom sewing and embroidery designs. Sewing has always been part of her working life, and she has owned many sewing machines over the years – but she has relied on one sewing machine needle company – SCHMETZ.

Whether she is using her antique Singer sewing machine to sew the perfect straight stitched seam in a wool suit -- or a brand new embroidery machine to create an intricate embroidery design – Christie always uses a SCHMETZ sewing machine needle. “I’ve had a commercial embroidery business and I’m in love with free motion embroidery. My favorite needle is the SCHMETZ GOLD Titanium needle because of how long it lasts!! The difference between the titanium needle and other embroidery needles is that when embroidering on rayons, silks and bamboo (my favorite fabrics) with the SCHMETZ Gold, I never worry about making a hole and then a run in the fabric. I count on SCHMETZ for perfect results every time.”


SCHMETZ Testimonial - Phyllis Krogman

Phyllis Krogman is a farm wife and mother of six children. “My mother taught me to sew and I always loved it. Sewing has taken me through the stages of my life. Because of certain fitting challenges, I always had to sew my own clothes. When my girls were small – I enjoyed making their special occasion dresses. I don’t know when I started to sew for other people…but it’s always been a way for me to make some extra money.”

Phyllis is a well known seamstress, who takes on sewing jobs as her time and life permits. She has taught sewing classes at a local sewing machine dealership. Even though she lives way out of town on a gravel road – sewing customers bring her all the business she can handle.

Her most recent project was sewing dresses for two of her daughter’s weddings. She made nine dresses for Andrea’s wedding – and 11 for Beth’s wedding. “I’ve been a garment sewer all my life. Making clothes that truly fit is a joy for me -- and I would never consider using anything but a SCHMETZ sewing machine needle. After investing all that money into the fabric and patterns – not to mention my TIME – why would I use an inferior needle and risk puckered seams or shredded thread that would ruin the garment? SCHMETZ has never let me down!”


SCHMETZ Testimonial - Elaine Ellison

Elaine Ellison taught mathematics at West Lafayette High School in Indiana. A woman of varied interests, her hobbies included photography, traveling, painting and quilting. Since her retirement to Sarasota, Florida – she has combined her love of mathematics and quilting to teach quilters and pre-service teachers how to use quilts in the classroom to help students gain geometric insights. Elaine says, “I have done workshops around the world. My talks include the London Science Museum, other science groups, art museums, various quilt groups, school groups, and mathematical groups. Along with co-author Dr. Diana Venters, I have written: Mathematical Quilts and More Mathematical Quilts.”

Elaine started quilting in the early 80’s, when she was still teaching full time. She says, “To get the best results, I don’t think the machine you’re sewing on is as important as the sewing machine needle you are using. When I was making a quilt out of Chintz fabric, needles would stick or pull the fabric up. The Microtex #60 slid through – and I was using metallic thread. Without that needle, I never would have been able to complete the quilt. SCHMETZ is a wonderful company, and for quilters, the Microtex #60 is the Cadillac of sewing machine needles.”

January '10 SCHMETZ Sewing Story Winner

Joan Weinberger is the winner of the January 2010 drawing in the SCHMETZ Sewing Stories program. Joan is the winner of a SCHMETZ Needle Collection. You too can be a winner! Entry is as simple as emailing us your sewing story at or by uploading a short video to our web site.

December '09 SCHMETZ Sewing Story Winner

Kay Lang is the winner of the December 2009 drawing in the SCHMETZ Sewing Stories program. Kay is the winner of a SCHMETZ Needle Collection. You too can be a winner! Entry is as simple as emailing us your sewing story at or by uploading a short video to our web site.