Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2010 SCHMETZ Portfolio Designer - Debra Justice

Debra's favorite SCHMETZ needle:  Hemstitch 100/16

Debra is the proprietress of Labours of Love Heirloom Sewing Supplies, a Canadian based mail order company.  Her discriminating taste is reflected in her "How To" DVD series. 

Debra uses the Hemstitch - sometimes known as a Wing - needle, to make old fashioned "pin stitching" or dainty little holes in natural fibers.  She uses the Hemstitch needle to attach lace and embellish the edge of lace.  Debra also likes to use the Hemstitch needle to join laces and make entredeux for free!

Debra makes heirloom sewing easy & inspiring with her patterns, books and DVDs. 

Debra's eye for design does not stop in the sewing room.  Visit her blog for terrific recipes and design ideas ... Sushi Cupcakes?  ... and what about that Louis Vuitton birthday cake!  Bravo!!!

Debra Justice


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