Tuesday, June 4, 2013


That's right.... the new SCHMETZ Needles App is available.  Yahoo!!!!!

There's a reason SCHMETZ makes a variety of needle types and sizes and it has to do with performance.  Stitch quality improves with the appropriate needle.  In the SCHMETZ App take a look at the different types of needles available for your home sewing projects. 

Mark Your Favorite Needle with a Red Heart

Not sure what needle to use with a certain fabric?  Use the Needle Fabric Reference - just select a fabric type and a needle will be suggested. 

For those of you that may think a needle lasts forever, check out the "Change Your Needle" clues.  Yes, you really do have to change your needle.  You will see and hear the difference!  There's a terrific photo of a needle that looks sewing-ready to the naked eye, but close-up views show otherwise. 

On the SCHMETZ App learn about needles, select a needle, then buy your SCHMETZ needles at your local quilt shop, fabric store or machine dealer.

Android users, we love you!  The Android SCHMETZ App is in the works.

Download the SCHMETZ App now.  It's free!


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