Monday, September 30, 2013

Janome Institute - Part I of III

Last month I represented SCHMETZ needles at Janome Institute in Las Vegas.  And wow what an event! 

As I approached the exhibit hall I saw this guy "fixing" the world.  Yes, Janome is an international sewing machine brand and dealers from around the world were in attendance to Janome's tri-annual meeting.   Couldn't help but wish the world's challenges could be fixed as easily as this guy preparing the global display.

The SCHMETZ booth was very easy . . .  and quick to set up.  My big news for needles is that SCHMETZ is color coding home sewing needles by needle type and size.  Hallelujah!  These new color coded needles will be available to consumers in early 2014.  Yahoo!  And of course as color coded needles become available, I will let you know.

Dealers from around the world gathered to get the latest news on Janome machines.  This is just the tail end of the crowd moving into the ballroom awaiting news on the newest machine............

The Janome Memory Craft 15000.  What a machine!  It connects with WIFI and iPad.  Really!  The touch screen was huge with crisp vibrant colors.  Huge workspace.  A new needle threader.  And the machine is fast, twice as fast as earlier models.  But mostly I loved the lighting.  The entire sewing project is illuminated on this machine.  Super cool!

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