Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Baby Lock Tech: Party in St. Louis!!! Part 1

Welcome to Rita Farro, our guest blogger for a few upcoming posts.  Rita recently attended the annual Baby Lock Tech in St. Louis -- and this is her unofficial report...
The opening night of Baby Lock Tech is a HUGE PRODUCTION. The Grand Ballroom of the Hyatt Hotel in downtown St. Louis is a beautiful venue. Steve Jeffery, President of Baby Lock Sewing Machines, used to be a member of Up With People. So he ACTUALLY DOES SING AND DANCE...

Baby Lock takes over the Hyatt Hotel. They set up tons of classrooms and bring in the finest teachers in the industry. Eleanor Burns was there, Mary Fons, Sue Hausmann, Mary Mulari and many more. It really is a STAR STUDDED event.

Baby Lock headquarters is in St. Louis -- so the entire staff moves to the Hyatt Hotel for the dealer training.
They COMPLETELY SOLD OUT of the limited edition 2013 Baby Lock Tech t-shirts.  There were TWO different designs...and I think they should have a t-shirt-recreation contest!!

My job was to set up the SCHMETZ needles booth in the vendor hall. Of course, Rhonda sent a beautiful, perfectly organized pallet from Chicago which made my job EASY. See the posters hanging in the back of the booth? THAT WAS SO EXCITING..
You can't quite read the poster -- but the big news was that SCHMETZ will be COLOR CODING needles. And the dealers were all delighted to hear that because customers have wanted it for a long time...

The dealers were very busy during the day taking classes. But when they came into the vendor hall, they all wanted to have their picture taken with the giant SCHMETZ "SUPER" NEEDLE...

From Sew News -- Beth Mauro (in blue) visiting with one of the Baby Lock reps at the reception

It was fun to hook up with some friends I've known for a long time -- like Sue Hausmann.  And then, too, making NEW friends. Here, Sue is smiling with my favorite vendor neighbors (who I called Marie #1 and Marie #2.)

Kris and Terri, the original DIY Dish duo, insist they are not related to Marie Osmond.  But it really is hard to believe!

Rita Farro


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