Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Baby Lock Tech: Look Who's at Baby Lock!!! Part 2

Guest blogger -- Rita Farro, has a lot more to say about the 2013 Baby Lock Tech in St. Louis, Missouri...

Rita continues.... One of the BEST THINGS about Baby Lock Tech is seeing all the great outfits!! Baby Lock dealers from all over the country come to BLT -- and they can be kind of competitive. But THIS OUTFIT stopped me cold. I was trying to take a secret picture of the back of her jacket when I realized I knew the woman wearing the embroidery!!

The woman in the great embroidered outfit was Margaret Moorhead. Rhonda Pierce (who normally writes this blog) was recently a guest at Margaret's Virtual Sewing Guild webinar...

Margaret was so interesting, and our visit was so animated -- I wanted to do a video...I am sorry that I talk too fast...but Margaret did a GREAT job...

Rita Farro


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