Thursday, September 19, 2013

Baby Lock Tech: Famous for BREAKS and SERGERS!!! Part 3

Rita Farro continues with her report about attending Baby Lock Tech in St. Louis.
Of course, any sewing machine convention is ALL ABOUT THE SEWING. But Baby Lock also understands how important the EATING can be.  The dealers are working hard, attending classes from early in the morning until late at night. THEY NEED A BREAK. So, every day, at 10:00 AM and again at 3:00 PM -- the food is phenomenal....

But, of course -- as extraordinary as the food was at BLT -- the thing Baby Lock is most famous for is their INCREDIBLE SERGERS. And the real reason everybody was so happy in St. Louis was the launch of Baby Lock's brand new, ground-breaking serger -- the OVATION.

It was SO EXCITING to be a part of this exciting event. And words and pictures really don't do it justice. So in my next post, I hope to share a video demonstration...YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE IT...

Rita Farro

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