Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Enchanted World of Ellen Anne Eddy

I love the enchanted and wonderful fabric and thread artistry of Ellen Anne Eddy.  Perhaps you have had that special experience of taking one of her classes at a quilt guild or a conference.  Ellen Ann's first book, Thread Magic - The Enchanted World of Ellen Anne Eddy, is a classic text on free motion and fiber art.
823-10 Jazzed: Hearts on the Line
823-10 Jazzed: Hearts on a Line

Inspired by nature, Ellen Anne Eddy has taken her fiber art beyond free motion embroidery.  She says, "I have three layers or more of fabric stitched, so technically, I quilt.  But I recognize that I'm pretty far away from my grandmother's flower garden.  I say I draw in thread.  That's only partially true.  Having worked my whole life in fiber, I do draw with my sewing machine better than I ever could by hand, but I also paint in layers.  The worlds I build start with cotton dyed so that moon and sun light pour through the surface.  I paint in layers of sheers, cut to make the dimensions of water and under brush.  One layer builds on to another layer.  Only instead of paint it's nylon sheers and dyed cheesecloth.  The animals are realistic within their basic forms, but they are almost always people I am dealing with or self portraits.  It's not deliberate.  It simply happens if I am true to the work and my heart.  I am often shocked to recognize myself, my friends and my family in my work when I'm finished."
 88612 Bubbly Special Sale Price
Bubbly 88612
Ellen Anne does not do computer embroidery... her work is all done using a simple straight stitch or zigzag, depending on the thread, and totally hand guided.  She works with both commercial threads and pearl cottons she dyes herself.  Then they are stitched into the surface and often covered in other layers of sheers, creating a landscape whole.

Ellen Anne believes EVERYBODY is an artist... and if you want to learn more about her work--be sure to visit her website at www.ellenanneddy.com

NOW is a great time to be inspired by Ellen Anne's work --- because she is having a "Raid My Stash" sale in her Etsy Shop.  Not only is she selling some of her books, hand-dyed fabrics and thread - this is a rare opportunity to purchase original art from a world famous fiber artist.

I'm so excited!  Watch for Ellen Anne as a guest blogger in the very near future!


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