Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Freddie and Friends

Meet Freddie's Friends  -

Eliza the Chickie . . .  
Penny the Penguin . . .

Scotty the Sea Turtle, Ronny the Robot and Gabby the Gobbler.

At Spring Quilt Market I loved finding these colorful personalities that are sure to delight kids.  These adorable creatures are designed by Ingrid Pinto, who's nickname is Freddie.  Ingrid or Freddie has a real knack for designing wonderful squeezable creatures.  These lovable little guys are terrific beginner sewing projects because of the raw edge finishes . . . then combine all the different fabric colors and pretty soon a new little personality is stitched.  This looks like fun!

Freddie also known as Ingrid :)

Thanks Freddie for sharing your friends and designing the patterns.  Find more patterns of Freddie's Friends at www.freddieandcompany.com.  I want to stitch up a couple new friends myself and share the fun!



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