Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Quick Threading Needle

I want to introduce or . . . reintroduce you . . .  to the SCHMETZ Quick Threading needle.  This is a Universal needle with a little slit off the side of the eye.  Just like the name suggests, the Quick Threading needle is very easy to thread - just slide the thread down the length of the needle until the thread pops into the eye.  Voila!
SCHMETZ Quick Threading Needle
Available in Sizes 80/12 and 90/14
The Quick Threading needle is a terrific alternative when a built-in machine needle threader is not available.  Kids who are just learning to sew find quick success when threading this needle.  The SCHMETZ Quick Threading needle is favored by sewing enthusiasts with arthritis in their hands hampering easy threading.  Low vision and blind sewists also use this needle to continue their passion of sewing.     

There is one important tip to using this needle . . .

S...L...O...W.... D...O...W...N.........

Reduce your sewing speed!  Easy to thread . . . easy to unthread.  Yes, the thread has a tendency to pop out of the eye when sewing at high speeds, so slow down!  The SCHMETZ Quick Threading needle is a convenient needle for your friends that may just be learning to sew or may have difficulty threading the needle on their own.

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