Monday, May 13, 2013

Meet Holly Vlasak, Armored in Fashion

Last weekend the Haute Couture Club Chicago presented Elements of Glam Fashion Show celebrating the earth through fashion.  What a treat!  Wind, Water and Fog, The Tundra, Flora and Fauna, Precious Metals and Stones were just a few of the inspirational design categories.  My favorite theme was Water and Sky.  The Shades of Blue garments really captured the allure of daylight and midnight skies. 

I was so tickled to meet Holly Vlasak.  Holly is a design student at the Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago.   She won a 2012 Haute Couture Scholarship.  Holly's designs were featured in a display at the entrance to the fashion show and of course she was wearing one of her designs.

Holly Vlasak, Armored in Fashion

Listen to Holly's design inspiration.... armor.  Really loved how she implemented the armor theme from the fabric selection right down to the thoughtful metal clasp on the removable shrug. 

The Haute Couture Club of Chicago is nearly 50 years old with members of all ages and interests.  Joining a club is a great way to refine your skills, meet new friends and widen your circle of inspiration.  Whatever your sewing interest, there is always magic when sharing stories and stitches.  Find a club in your community or start your own club.


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