Wednesday, April 10, 2013

STUDIOe Fabrics, Saf-T-Pockets, Pellon PERFECT Loft

Is your stash ever complete?  Absolutely not... and I want this beautiful collection of STUDIOe Fabrics.  The fabrics are fresh and inspiring... really delightful for sewing and quilt projects.  STUDIOe fabrics are found in independent quilt shops around the world, but check out their website for some amazing FREE quilt projects.  Just how can I fit more sewing time into my schedule?

STUDIOe Fabrics
Collect fabrics from all STUDIOe designers
If we have met at a sewing show in the last 6 months, at one time you have probably seen me wear this pattern, Saf-T-Pockets T-Shirt Trifecta.  Yes, I love to sew and quilt and this pattern is my current favorite to quickly stitch with the serger or sewing machine.  From glittery textured knits to recycled t-shirts, I have made this pattern four times in the last 6 months with two more fabrics waiting for the Trifecta.  Marsha McClintock, owner and designer of Saf-T-Pockets loves stylish pickpocket proof patterns for traveling.  My favorite is View 1.

View 1 is My Favorite
I am about to begin a little recycled sock creature project and was curious about what stuffing to use.  Pellon has provided the perfect solution - PERFECT Loft.  This fiber fill is soooo soft, yet retains its resilence - Pellon states 30% more filling power than standard fill.  PERFECT Loft will never clump nor bunch and is hypoallergenic.  Just ask Leslie pictured below.  Leslie is a new sewist with a new blog and recently reviewed Pellon PERFECT Loft.
 Pellon PERFECT Loft is Oh So Huggable
Read Leslie's March 8th Review at 50 Sq Ft Studios

More terrific sewing product reviews coming. . . .
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