Thursday, April 18, 2013

Grabbit Sewing Tools

I love Grabbit tools!  Maybe you don't know the name, but I bet you know and already use a couple Grabbit products:  Grabbit, the original magnetic pincushion and BobbinSaver, the skinny donut shaped bobbin organizer.  I use both of these products nearly every time I sit down to sew.  Now I want to tell you about a few more Grabbit tools to make your sewing life easier...

Grabbit Sewing Tools
Wrist Grabbit
Do you have a tendency to put pins in your mouth?  I confess I do, and I know I am not alone.  The solution is the handy Wrist Grabbit.  Smaller than the original magnetic Grabbit, this Grabbit straps to your wrist for easy pin access.  Now here's the thing... place this magnetic Grabbit on the INSIDE of your wrist.  When I first started using this I had pins flinging through the air as I lightly hit my wrist on the sewing table, but no more.  Even my husband likes this too - he finds fewer needles in the carpet!

Magnetic Needle Threaders
Speaking of magnets, these little needle threaders not only help thread a hand needle easier, but they are magnetic and certainly easier to find when placed in a Grabbit pincushion.  Love the power of magnets!  Plus the larger threader has a convenient built-in thread cutter.   

I am not a fan of ironing, but do it because of its essential role in nicely finished items.  The PressIt Steam Pressing Cloth is nifty because of it absorbency without dripping.  Have a hard to press wrinkle?  Create more steam with your hot iron by adding additional water to this viscose fabric cloth.  PressIt in no time flat!  Ha, ha... no I'm not sorry for this pun!  :)

Spooler Spindles
Yes, I really like this handy product.  Right now I am working on three different sewing projects each with a different color of thread.  So when I switch projects, marrying up my filled bobbin with the matching spool of thread is neat with a little thread trap at the end of the spindle.  Saves me time searching. 

The designs of Grabbit are thoughtful and clever.  Sewing is fun . . .  especially with handy tools!
Visit the Grabbit Sewing Tools website for more information.  Buy from your local quilt shop and machine dealer.




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