Monday, March 4, 2013

Sewing Machine Needles: Twin & Triple Part B

On more thing about Twin needles - they are available in a variety of needle widths and sizes.  Below is a pack of 3 Universal Twin needles, just like you would find in your local store.  Look at the bottom of the needle pack and you see 1.6/70, 2.0/80, 3.0/90.  The first number indicates the stitch distance between the needles, so 1.6mm between the needles will stitch narrow parallel lines.  The 70 refers to the needle size, so size 70.  
Universal Twin needles have the widest assortment of stitch widths and needle sizes:  1.6/70, 1.6/80, 2.0/80, 2.5/80, 3.0/90, 4.0/80, 4.0/90, 4.0/100, 6.0/100, 8.0/100. 
Denim Twin:  4.0/100
Embroidery Twin:  2.0/75, 3.0/75
Hemstitch Twin:  2.5/100 
Metallic Twin:  2.5/80, 3.0/90
Stretch:  2.5/75 4.0/75


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