Friday, February 22, 2013

Friend of SCHMETZ: Sandra Benoit

I love meeting new people.  I especially love learning the stories of quilters and sewists.  While waiting for the 2013 QuiltCon exhibition doors to open in Austin, TX, I had a delightful encounter with Sandra Benoit.  Our conversation opened while admiring each others eye glasses.  Mine are Italian, but Sandra's glasses are not only French, she bought them in person . . .  in Paris.  Voila!  Sandra loves to quilt and as a former math teacher incorporates mathematics into her quilt designs.  In fact she designs quilts in Excel spreadsheets!

Sandra's iPad was loaded with pics of her quilts:  A soothing, reflective Japanese garden quilt, a biblical quilt with each block telling a bible verse or story and a wedding quilt for her Islamic friend.  In this video Sandra explains the thought process in the creation of her Islamic floor tile inspired quilt and develops an eight point star using flying geese.  Really!

Thanks Sandra for your inspiring conversation and quilts.  Next time I open my Excel spreadsheet to plug in numbers, I will think of you designing beautiful, thoughtful and mathematical quilts. 

PS:  Sandra's favorite needles are SCHMETZ Microtex/Sharp 70/10 and Universal 70/10.

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