Thursday, December 27, 2012

Digital Goddesses . . . and they love to sew too!

Wow!  I'm excited about our daytime line up of diverse, creative and inspirational digital goddesses that will "tell it like it is" at the SCHMETZ Sew-cial Bloggers Boot Camp.  Here's a glimpse into their lectures.   Hang on to your hats because these gals have moxie to share with you!

+Jake Finch, Co-Founder and Publisher of Generation Q Magazine
Pinterest:  Friends with Marketing Benefits and
Kickstarter:  Kick Your Way into Non-Fat Funding

Pinterest is the social media craze overflowing with creative people seeking the latest and greatest.  Come laugh with us as we find out about the good, the bad and the glory of using Pinterest for your evil creative blogging purposes.  Then, we will look at how Kickstarter can be a blogger's answer to those funding prayers for that next business idea you have dreamed of launching.  It is a lot of helpful info packed into a fun session, complete with chocolate!

+Sarai Mitnick, Owner and Designer, Colette Patterns
Know Your Audience:  How To Learn From Your Readers

What can good design teach us about growing a blog or small business?  Sarai, founder of Colette Patterns and former user experience researcher for Goggle, shows how the universal principles of design can help you to communicate meaningfully, increase your online presence and engage with your audience.

+Angela Mae Jorgenson, Etsy Extraordinaire
Crack the Google Code!

Angela cracked the Google code.  It wasn't easy - it took lots of trial and error - and she sometimes didn't shower or eat for days on on end - but she cracked it!  That is how she moved up to #1 in the Google search engine - and sold over $100,000 of handmade wedding merchandise on Etsy in her first 14 months.  Angela has been in the Etsy trenches - and has real opinions on what you should name your Etsy store, how you should handle shipping and how to turn every customer into repeat business. . . .  your success depends of cracking the code!

+Niamh O'Conner, Evil Genius of
Urban Threads:  Purveyor of Fine Machine & Hand Embroidery Designs

Niamh talks about her new and innovative approach to both machine and hand embroidery.  Hear how social media marketing has played a big role in the website's growth, as well as what it's like to take risks with non-traditional products in a traditional market.  When it comes to embroidery and crafting, the only limit is creativity.

Registration includes a sewist's delight goodie bag - a $200+ retail value, hands-on evening classes 2013 New Product Review and a VIP and One Needle Session passes to opening day at the Sewing and Stitchery Expo. 

Do it now! Download the Boot Camp brochure and register at
Save $50 and register now before January 1!


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