Friday, October 12, 2012

The Night Circus, Sewing and Black & White

This posting is going to be my own three ring circus tying these topics together:  The Night Circus, sewing and black and white.  Here's how it all started.  At the suggestion of Nancy, our local librarian, my husband brought home a magical book The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.  Little did I know how enchanting this good read would be. 

Visual reading is how I describe the story lines in this book.  The descriptions of the characters and the circus with all its unusual and magnetic tents were wonderfully refreshing and real.  I was especially thrilled to find out that . . .

Yes last night the author, Erin Morgenstern, was in my neighborhood to talk about her debut book The Night Circus.  So I grabbed a red scarf - I could not convenience my husband to wear a red scarf, but was happy that he wore a red bow tie - because I am now a "serious" fan of The Night Circus.  Yes, the red scarf has meaning from the story line.  What I learned is that Erin is an artist that writes AND is a writer that is an artist depending on how her creative energies need to express themselves.   The writing of this book started in a November -  sorry don't remember the year - National Novel Writing Month.  In 30 days the challenge was to write 50,000 words - some call this binge writing.  She wrote many vignettes that eventually all wove together especially after 2 years of editing and rewriting.  2 years of rewrites!  What tenacity!   

Years ago as an artist Erin designed tarot cards and challenged herself to using a black and white color scheme which also carried over into the menagerie of circus tents and even some of the characters in her book.   I love the poignancy of black and white and thought you may enjoy a few sewing pics I have taken from various trips:

Let's Go To The Zoo! 
Great Lakes Heritage Quilters Special Exhibit 
American Sewing Expo 2012

Baby Lock Love of Fashion by Designer Joi Mahon
Special Exhibit of Joi's Off-Beat Bridal and Formal Wear
American Sewing Expo 2012

Diane Kroll, Special Exhibit Coordinator
Standing in Front of California Dreaming Exhibit
By Lakes "Sew"Ciety Members
American Sewing Expo 2012

Rita Farro
With Her Newly Treasured Black and White Zebra Corduroy Stash
Nancy Zieman's Quilt Expo 2012

AnyWear Shoe
Comfortable Shoes Worn by Sewist Attending American Sewing Expo 2012

Just like The Night Circus, the inspiration to sew makes no announcement.  We simply must sew, collect fabrics and share our passion.

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