Monday, October 29, 2012

Sewing Machine Needle: Change Your Needle

How long have you been sewing with the same needle?  How many quilts have you made using the same needle?  Have you experienced these dull needle symptoms?

Shredded or Broken Threads
Skipped Stitches
Puckered Fabrics
Damaged Fabrics
Uneven Seams
Popping Sound by Sewing Machine

Guess what?  These are clues - clues that you can see and hear - that you need to change your needle. 
The general rule of thumb is to change your needle after 8 hours of sewing.  Depending on the project, some sewists change needles once and sometimes twice insuring a quality stitch.  Others start every new project with a fresh out of the pack needle.  No, we are not trying to sell you more needles.  We are trying to help you sew better . . .  with better stitch quality. 

Change your needle!
It's the easiest way to improve your stitches.

Tune in next week and get a close-up view of a dull needle.

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