Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Becca Asks "Needle, Needle, Which Needle?"

2012 State and county fairs are warm summer memories.  Kids worked hard under the watchful eyes of 4-H leaders hoping for those special blue and purple ribbons.  Meet Becca from Oregon State.  Becca loves to sew and decided to learn more about sewing machine needles. 

Becca first contacted us in July asking for permission to use the SCHMETZ logo for a 4-H project.  We were happy to help and sent her the SCHMETZ ABC Pocket Guide.  We were thrilled to see the ABC's incorporated into her informational board Needle, Needle, Which Needle highlighting needle anatomy, importance of using a new needle and the benefits of using the correct needle.  We even learned a thing or two from her project. There was an area called Sewing-Machine Needle in Antarctica that was named by whalers.  What a terrific trivia question!

Becca certainly did her homework resulting in all these trophies.  Bigger yet is the smile on her face.  I imagine her parents and 4-H leaders are smiling too.

More than all the learning is the chance to share knowledge and friendship with other 4-H Club members.  Becca with Bethany and Nicole.   I just wonder what sewing projects Becca has in mind for next year.  It is never too early to plan for next year. 

Thanks Becca for sharing your 4-H sewing story with us!

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