Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oh So Huggable Cuddle Fabrics

I love fabrics!  All kinds of fabrics - knit, fleece, flannel, silk, velvet, velour, wool - fabrics from A to Z.  One of my favorite fabrics is Cuddle.  Oh . . .  so soft and huggable, in pretty colors, gentle textures and fun patterns.  Even in this unbearable summer heat, a Cuddle quilt is ever so soothing.

Cuddle fabric is a Minky (a generic term).  Cuddle fabric is manufactured by Shannon Fabrics.  At International Quilt Market in Kansas City, MO the Shannon Fabrics booth was ever so huggable with Cuddle fabric rugs, umbrellas, pillows, chair covers, and more than a few Cuddle quilts. . . .  Cuddle fabrics galore! 

Shannon Fabrics
Making the World a Softer Place
I was delighted to meet Pat Wodskow of Shannon Fabrics.  Pat is an avid sewist, quilter and teacher.  Since I have never sewn on Cuddle or Minky, I just had to ask for her needle recommendation.  Based on her vast experience Pat had a definitive answer:

The SCHMETZ Stretch 90/14. 

This summer heat wave is perfect sewing weather . . .  provided you have an air conditioner.  I'm going to grab a cut of Cuddle fabric and make up a quilt.  But . . .  before I insert a fresh SCHMETZ Stretch 90/14 needle, I'm going to watch Pat's YouTube videos on how to make a snuggly Sew A Row Cuddle Quilt.

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