Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Crafty Couture Designers

I love to see innovative mixed media garments.  Last week while walking the Craft and Hobby Association's Summer Show in Chicago image my delight in finding a design contest.  This is a wholesale show geared primarily to paper arts with a bit of cross-over into our sewing world.  The challenge of the CHA Designers was to create original, mixed media Crafty Couture gowns using products, tools and ideas from the craft industry.  CRAFT FUSHION was the result and the name of the wonderful display.  Here are my favorite gowns:

This garment turned heads... and paper.  Featuring ink and a fusion of mixed media, this whimsical dress is an explosive combination of a little vintage, grunge and elegance.

She Turns Pages
Jennifer Priest, Hydrangea Hippo
Can't find your scissors?  Here a solution - a belt of scissors.  A wearable, craft fusion masterpiece incorporating both upcycled and mixed media elements all expertly remixed with Westcott Brand ExtremEdge Adjustable Tension Scissors and accent buttons by Blumenthal Lansing.  An explosive fusion of sassy slashed style creating a decadent couture remix!

Upcycled Mash Up!
Marisa Pawelko for Westcott Brand
Has a tape measure looked better?  This collage dress was inspired by Alexa's love for photography and typography.  Image transfer, stamping and fabric painting and embellishment are just a few techniques used.  The dress was collaged and embellished using Tulip and Aleene's products from iLoveToCreative.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Alexa Westerfield, iLoveToCreate

There must have been about 20 garments in the challenge.  6 of the dresses will appear in a future issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.  What fun to see them in person.  Check out the SCHMETZneedles Face Book page for garment close-ups and more pics:  https://www.facebook.com/#!/schmetzneedles.   Lots of ideas soon to be seen in your local stores.

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