Thursday, May 10, 2012

Joi of Sewing

Meet Joi Mahon or as she likes to be called Designer Joi.  You may have already seen Joi and her designs featured in Sew It All, Sew News, Wedding Essentials, Threads, Designs in Machine Embroidery to name just a few.  She is a Baby Lock Love of Fashion National Spokes-Designer.  Our paths first crossed in 2009 when she won the Passion for Fashion Live Fashion Design Challenge at the American Sewing Expo in Novi, MI.  Really loved her undercover dress (The "secret agent" design challenge was to integrate a concealed recording device into the dress.) with its playful mix of stripes, polka dots and stripes.

Joi and I most recently met again in March at the Sewing with the Stars Love of Fashion Retreat, organized by Pam Cortese, owner of My Sewing and Vacuum Place in Santa Rosa.  Joi designed a wonderful black lace top that was both sassy and stylish.  Her students were so very pleased to finish their projects in less than half a day.  Part of Joi's class instruction includes SCHMETZ needle education - especially the importance of changing the needle.  Here is a a little clip of Joi talking about the importance of changing the needle.........

You will be seeing more of Joi.  Look for her at sewing shows and for her appearance in an episode of Sew It All TV later this fall on PBS.  Check out Joi's website.......... and remember to change your needle!  

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