Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sewing Wash Out

Recently on a slow Sunday afternoon I humored myself with a quick and easy sewing project - a laundry bag. What could go wrong?  From my stash a medium weight large print was lurking - a one yard cut. Perfect. I serged the raw edges, stitched the seams ... Folded over the top edge and used a twin needle to stitch 2 rows of double stitching above and below the casing to secure the top of the bag. 

For a nice clean finish, the bottom corners were squared and excess trimmed.
The laundry bag turned out terrific.
Sturdy fabric with all that twin stitching at the top is sure to endure heavy use.
The bag is ready for the drawstring.   

Well, not all sewing projects turn out as planned. . . . . 

After only one washing, this bag is all washed up!  Fray city!  The seams did not hold up . . . .  although the double needle stitching held up fine.  Such a simple project, what could go wrong?  I should have used a wider seam allowance or better yet French or felled seams. Trying to resuscitate the bag with a larger seam allowance makes the bag too small, so will now have to recycle the usable fabric into another project.
It's time to return to my fabric stash!

Have you had a sewing project gone awry?


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