Friday, January 6, 2012

Thangles - Not Tangled - Christmas Scraps

Christmas and holiday gifts have been stitched and given away to family and friends.  The Christmas tree and all the holiday decorations are packed.  Now what?  What about all those scraps of Christmas fabrics?  Well, here's what I do . . . . an ongoing project.

Gather up all those Christmas scraps of fabric.  As mentioned earlier I love fabrics with a glint of silver and gold.

Start cutting up strips.  I just happen to love the little 1" Thangles, so my strips are 1.5" wide.

Pick up a package of Thangles and start stitching.  Seemingly I have an excess amount of a nice tone-on-tone holly print married with endless Christmas fabrics in assorted colors and prints. 

I love Thangles!  The stitching and cutting lines are easily viewable on the paper strips.  I even use up those nearly empty spools of threads that collect dust and space. . .  you know what I mean.  Plus I use a Universal 80/12 needle or some of those gently used assorted needles that may be laying around from projects past.

Once my Thangles are stitched and cut, they are stored in little clear bags for easy viewing.  Now the fun part begins.......

auditioning these little 1" half-square triangles. 

I love Thangles!  When I want to sew, but don't want to get involved with an intense quilt or garment project - but just have that burning urge to sew, sew, sew . . . . I sew Thangles!

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