Friday, January 13, 2012

Fashioning Helen Gibb's Ribbons

Last year for my birthday I received a wonderful little kit - Helen Gibb's Ribbon Flower Bracelet Kit.

Helen's knowledge of ribbon work is extensive.   I have admired Helen's work for many years especially her first book The Secrets of Fashion Ribbon Flowers: Heirlooms For The Next Generation published in the 1990's.  It's out of print now, but I still enjoy pulling out my precious copy to languish over all the glorious silk flower projects - peonys, hollyhocks, sweet peas - so many of my favorite flowers.

I have never done silk ribbon projects before, so this was new to me.  First I emptied the contents of the kit and found lovely, intricate little silk ribbon flowers, trims, ribbons and beads.

Also I thought this was a hand project, but I was wrong.  Except for adding the beads and ribbon flowers by hand, the project was stitched using my machine.  Which means.........this little project was quick .........

and adorable. 

Here's the full view of the bracelet.  On the far lower right a little elastic loop slips over the iridescent button on the other end of the bracelet.  
Helen's little kit made my assembly appear beautiful with so little time and effort.

Thanks Helen for your ribbon artistry... and thanks to my sister for the kit.

In your travels if you find a copy of Helen's book, pick it up.  The Secrets to Fashioning Ribbon Flowers is a jewel of a book.

SCHMETZ Needle Used:  Microtex 80/12

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