Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Convergence

I love Christmas fabrics especially when there is a glint of gold metallic.  I also enjoy trying new projects.  This time my endeavor was based on Ricky Tims Convergence Quilts, a technique based on piecing techniques of two or more fabrics cut into strips, sewn together, then cut and pieced again. 

Two fabrics were used in this piece - giant paisley designs and a red crackle.  I love the flowing movement of the paisley.

Again two fabrics are used, this time a rich green with gold metallic grids and for continuity the beautiful  giant paisley designs. . . . . 

Now the magic begins with the convergence of the three fabrics.  I love how the fabrics are integrated . . .  and it was so easy!

This project began after my husband mentioned that our sofa was boring - an over sized, but comfortable sofa fabricated in a lifeless taupe fabric.  Really I am not certain why I ever agreed to let such a piece of furniture into my house.  He said, "Hey you can sew anything.  Why don't you just reupholster the sofa?"  Hello!  That's labor - at least for me, not a hobby of joy.  So my solution was to  create quiltlets to drape over the sofa - give it some pizazz.  Really I was flattered that he thought I could cover a sofa, but that is a whole new skill set with a lot of tools that I do not have. 

This was a study of colors and movement playing together.  Each quiltlet measures 40" square.  Happily that old bland sofa has been replaced with a beautiful cheery floral sofa, matching chair and ottoman . . . . and the quiltlets gained permanent placement in a hallway. 

In the next posting I will show some Christmas scraps and how I am using them.

SCHMETZ Needle used:  Universal 80

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