Thursday, October 27, 2011

CreativFestival - Toronto CAN

This was my second year to teach SCHMETZ Needle Education at the CreativFestival.  I love this show!  It is by far one of the most diverse consumer shows.  Inspiration came from a menagerie of vendors and classes - fashion sewing to quilting to fibre arts, knitting, crocheting, beading, jewelry making, home dec, cake decorating and so much more all under one roof.

The CreativFestival takes place in the huge Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  Signage, as above, is especially important because it is very easy to get lost with sky walks, bridges and a variety of escalators.  I know it is odd to have a picture of a show poster in the blog, but I find this one a bit amusing.  Look closely and you will find a woodpecker - a giant woodpecker - in the background - part of an art installation from the front of the south entrance. 

Thanks Dawn for helping in my class.
One of my favorite garments from the show is Dawn in this wonderful jacket made from a recycled wool blanket that she dyed. 
She used a variety of machine stitches to create textural leaves and stems and with needle punching and applique created vibrant poppies.  She even created the front button by weaving beautiful threads through a curtain ring.  Dawn's jacket was quite stunning.

In the teachers' lounge I ran into Ron Collins with his wonderful rack of perfect menswear.
Ron's workmanship is skillful along with impeccable fit.  I was sorry to miss taking one of his classes, but he did point out a few sewing techniques that he enjoys including top stitching not only with 2 threads in a topstitch needle, but with 2 threads in the bobbin.  This topstitch method certainly is handy when topstitching lapels and jacket fronts.  The above jacket was topstitched using a sashiko stitch.  So refined......

Every trip should include good food and friends.  Linda McGehee, Ghee's, and I  found a very special Thai restaurant, Khao San Road.  Fried squash fritters with a red curry sauce, Pai Thai and the most delicate Tapioca Pearls in sweet coconut milk .... well every bite was a worldly delight.

Toronto was energized all weekend with visual delights that only a vibrant urban setting can provide.  My camera could not snap all the sights quick enough -  The CN Tower Climb, Toronto Zombie Walk, Fashion Week, and the CreativFestival.   Thanks CreativFestival and Toronto for a very special trip.
Rhonda - My all time favorite airline!


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