Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Two Finished Sewing Projects

With this intense summer heat I have been inside sewing in preparation for fall SCHMETZ classes.  Recently I dedicated a weekend to just cutting out garments.  Projects were lined up in the guest room with their respective patterns, thread and any special notions.    Here are the first 2 finished sewing projects that I will be wearing at sewing shows this fall.

I was curious about this Connie Crawford pattern.  The suggested fabrication was wool, fleece, lightweight wovens and sheers.  What about an open knit fabric ... that just happened to be waiting in my stash? 

At first I was afraid that this loosely fit jacket may look too much like a tablecloth, but after trying it on a few times I'm going to have fun with it.  This pattern was very easy to cut out - although a huge cutting table or floor is needed.  It was also easy to sew thanks to my serger, although a sewing machine could easily get a similar effect.  All edges were serged, so my challenge was how to finish the edges.  The thought crossed my mind to just leave the serged edges alone which is frequently seen in the stores, but really I like a finished edge.

So I used my trusty SCHMETZ twin needles.  The neckline facing was secured with a Universal 4.0/80 twin.  The serged hem edge was turned up 1" then stitched with Universal 2.5/80.  Since the fabric had a decorative open pattern, I was a bit concerned that the twin needles would push the fabric into the throat plate.  After stitching a few samples, my suspicions were unfounded.  Both twin needles stitched beautifully and gave a nice finished edge to the jacket.

Jan Bones' V-Neck Camisole pattern was used for this cheerful top cut on the bias.  There is a small bit of topstitching along the neckline.  I used a Microtex 80/12 for precision stitching.

I have been playing around with my serger, learning different stitches and overall experimenting.  So all raw edges on this little top were serged.  What I really like is the serged hem - this gentle and flirty lettuce hem. 

Although I didn't plan to wear these two items together, they certain look terrific.  With a pair of white slacks I have the perfect outfit for Janome Institute - a wholesale dealer show - next month in Orlando.  Plus I have a cheery Swarovski daisy pendant that will be perfect bling. 

 ....... just 10 more sewing projects to go!

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