Friday, August 26, 2011

RTW Suit Taunts Until Machine Embroidered

For a while now a lovely rose coral suit has hung in my closet . . . really taunting me for embroidery.  At last it became a summer sewing project.  This suit was a steal when I bought it - a $200 suit for only $19.99 with the bonus that it is fully lined and fits perfectly.  

My first step was auditioning embroidery thread colors.  I wanted cheery colors.

Then I played with a few different designs and created a few stitch-outs.

This design is one of 2000 in Creative DRAWings.  I had seen it seemingly a million times on my laptop and never really liked the design, yet remained curious about it.  So after stitching a sample I realized that for this suit project, the design would be quite nice mirror imaged on the center lower back jacket above a soft gathering line.  By the way I had to rip out the jacket hem to release the lining.

The embroidery stitched out easily.  To add more interest the little floral design was replicated and centered between the horizontal design.  Seemingly I thought this project was finished, but now I am wondering if a few little orange dots in the empty design area might finish the design better. 

I will be wearing this suit at a variety of consumer shows this fall.  If you see me vending or teaching, look for the orange dots.  If I decide to add them, I need to do so this afternoon as I will be wearing it tomorrow at Baby Lock Tech.  A SCHMETZ Embroidery 90/14 was used.



  1. Hi Kyle: Thanks! Take a look at today's posting. I think you should enter the Midnight Magic Contest!