Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nordstrom Rack Bag Embellishment

Like a good sale?  Always on the prowl for another sewing project, I found an adorable bronze textured leather shoulder bag last fall at the Nordstrom Rack.  This $20 bag called for my new mission . . . embellish the front flap.  With lightly gathered leather on the flap and a fully lined interior, my challenge was how.  Here's the finished project.  Let me show you what I did.
Last week Bob in the warehouse was wondering what to do with these newly found wonderful glass bead tassels.  I said "I will take them!"  This 3 berry tassel on a satin ribbon inspired me to finish the bag.

The previous week I had embroidered several medallions - experimenting with different stitches, threads, dimensions and stabilizers.  Finally I settled on stitching the medallions on black tulle stabilized with Sulky Solvy Medium Weight Water Soluable Stabilizer.

It was fun using Sulky's Water Soluable Stabilizers.  Here are a couple medallions soaking in water.  You can easily see the black tulle.

After drying my next question was how to apply the medallion to the bag.  Bob's timing was perfect when he found those cute little berry tassels.  Using heavy upholstery thread and a hand needle I threaded the satin ribbon through the center of the medallion, then through a hole in the leather bag and lining created by my trusty brass stiletto.  The hole in the bag and lining was not too large, so effort - rather a struggle - finally pulled the satin ribbon through both layers.  The ribbon was cut in half, then run through two eyes of the button and knotted for security. 

The embroidered medallion and glass berry tassel add a whole new and exciting personality to the bag.  Someone asked "Why use tulle?"  The embroidery stitches need support.  The black tulle provided stitch support while also disappearing on the textured leather bag. 

I still have a handful of the glass bead tassels.  No doubt somewhere along the sewing journey those little tassels will show up.

Summer is almost over.  Do you still have sewing projects to finish?  I do!  :)


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