Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Curtain Ties

A while back when my husband and I moved into our new house, we found ready-made floral print curtains that were not too boisterous and were insulated.  We really like these curtains for the protection they provide from the weather extremes in Chicago land.  Time has past and dust was settling noticeably on the curtains, plus there seemed to be a smudge mark on the coordinating sheers that I just happen to know was from chocolate ice cream.  :)  Anyway, I dust the house quarterly, but I admit the curtains had never been vacuumed nor cleaned.   Yes, this was a summer project.  I tell this story not because of my valent cleaning spree, but because sewing was involved.

One whole weekend was devoted to curtains - washing, tumble drying and although I really wanted to just hang those curtains with just a hint of wrinkles, I just could not do it, so ironing - lots of ironing was involved.  Although I discovered a certain zen to the process, the sun was shining through the very clean windows that my husband washed inside and out.  Yes, he scored huge points with window washing!  ... and I had a chance to watch a few old black and white movies that I had never seen in their entirety on TCM including Spartacus and Mutiny on the Bounty. 

Even ceramic wildlife were recruited to keep valance corners from rolling until I had a chance to iron.
When the curtains were purchased all fit the windows perfectly, full length to the floor except for one over the sliding glass doors.  I really hated having to alter the curtains, but only one length was available.  About 8 inches were trimmed from the curtains, then I remembered in my stash were a couple different upholstery trims - perfect for curtain ties.  Yeap!  My sewing machine was soon purring away making the 5 ties needed.  A Jeans 110/18 was used with upholstery thread.  An old pair of khaki slacks were cut up as lining for the ties and two plastic rings were hand stitched to the back side.

 My curtain cleaning spree is over for about another 6 years, while dusting around the house will get done again in the fourth quarter... unless chocolate ice cream is involved!


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