Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Projects

It's officially summer.  What summer projects are on your list?  Let's see what a few friends are stitching up:

4-H projects will soon be due. 
Bailiee models her newly sewn purple pansy skirt.  In a few days she will finish sewing a black top. 
Mary created this wonderful Irish Chain which is . . .

now the summer hand quilting project of The Piecemakers.
Garneta and I share a few good laughs while stitching. 

Mom studied these blocks purchased last summer at a family auction.
With them she is creating a small quilt to auction again at the next family reunion.

Rita loves zebra print.
How will she incorporate these felt squares into her sewing projects?
Yes, it is summer time.  Time for sewing machines to sing.


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