Thursday, May 5, 2011

What's In Your Spring Wardrobe?

Last week, Soni Grint, Creative DRAWings Director, and I spent 2.5 days embroidering nearly non-stop.  We created samples and promotional items for upcoming sewing shows using Creative DRAWings.  I have always dabbled in machine embroidery, but after this last session, I must say I'm hooked.  Creative DRAWings made it so simple!  I didn't struggle with stitch parameters or even stabilizers.  Creative DRAWings set the parameters for my fabric and suggested the stabilizers.  Whew!  Two mysteries solved right there.

These were our major projects:  I took a nice, but boring ready-to-wear suit on the left - a $200 suit marked down to $19.99 - don't you love a good sale -  and gave it some zip with embroidery.  Soni took a coat she had made and added embroidery also. 

 I wanted to do fully embroidered black lilies, but decided that doing just an outline was more intriguing - and faster too.

Soni combined milk and dark chocolate Ultra-suede to her appliqued trio.

 She choose earth tone and sky blue threads that created a lovely embellishment.

Here are our projects - not yet done, but at the end of our session.  I don't know what additional work Soni has done on her coat, but over the weekend I added even more black lilies to the back, front and sleeves and added satin dots, just to punch up the coat even more. 

Soni and I are meeting next week in Salt Lake City for International Quilt Market.  I will be promoting SCHMETZ, while Soni will be promoting Creative DRAWings.  We'll both be wearing our outfits and I'll take more pictures.

Here's the link to Creative DRAWings, a graphics based software for machine embroidery:

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