Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oprah's Surprise Spectacular . . . A Giant Love Hug

Have to bump my Salt Lake City International Quilt Market update with OOOOOprah!  Yes, I got two tickets through the Oprah on-line lottery.  And spectacular the show was indeed.  Over 20,000 well dressed heart filled Oprah fans gathered to celebrate Oprah's 25 years.   The evening was well orchestrated and star studded - well there were a few blips, but who cares!  A few edits and the evening will be documented perfectly for TV.   The evening was memorable starting with Oprah signage outside the United Center. 

Fans were excited to be photographed and interviewed by the media.  Lindsay of The Hollywood Reporter interviewed my husband and I outside the Chicago United Center.  We talked about recognizing "a ha" moments, while kudos to my husband talked about being a fan of me, his wife, an Oprah fan.  It's so easy to adore my husband!

Fans with signs, portraits and even an Oprah look-alike paraded before the electrified audience.

I did abide by the rule of no photos during the performance, well not really.  Our seats were just too far away - only 2 rows from the roof, so the best photo I offer is me holding a gift issue of Oprah's magazine.  I'm wearing a black skirt and top with a beautiful sheer vintage floral embroidered shawl.  Thanks Rita!

Oprah is the ultimate communicator and educator.  Her dedication to education allowed over 62,000 young people to obtain their dreams of a better world through education.  The evening included a candlelight parade of seemingly hundreds of fine young men from Morehouse College who dedicated themselves to higher learning and now contribute to their worlds with service and knowledge.   The big show surprise for Oprah was audience participation in an organized book donation.  Over 20,000 books were donated for libraries across the country.

Who were the memorable performances?  Jackie Evancho, the 10 year old girl with the other-worldly operatic voice that won the hearts of America's Got Talent, Christine Chenoweth, Jerry Seinfeld. . . . And who brought the house down?  It's tough to decide Michael Jordon, Patti LaBelle, Stevie Wonder, Maya Angelou, Aretha Franklin singing Amazing Grace, Beyonce.  The evening was fabulous!  The United Center rocked!  What a night!  . . . . Loved Oprah's beautiful full length plum dress with aqua and turq bejeweled neck and waistline.  And for those tears of joy moments, every row in the United Center had a box of Kleenex - how's that for knowing your audience?!

Last night, two of the three final shows were taped.  They will air on Monday and Tuesday, followed on Wednesday with her final studio show.  I wonder if Oprah sews?  Seems like she should have time now. . . .



  1. WOW what an amazing opportunity!!

  2. Hi Kyle:
    The evening was spectacular and very special. I look forward to comparing my memory to next week's TV version.