Friday, May 27, 2011

Dad's Embroidery Project

Next month my Dad celebrates his 80th birthday.  So rather than the usual gift card, I thought "Hey,  how about creating a card.  I'll try embroidery."  Here's what I did:

First I selected a favorite photo.  Ok, Mom's eyes are partially closed, but this project is all about Dad.

You may know that I'm an embroidery novice, but am learning.  I brought the photo into Creative DRAWings.  Over 330,000 stitches!  By the time I was done with it, the stitch count was 27,000 - still a lot, but certainly more manageable.

I love all these beautiful colors of thread.  To avoid color confusion, especially the various flesh tones, I labeled the spools with thread change numbers on sticky notes.  One nice thing about the software was that it solved one huge mystery by suggesting the stabilizer.

You know that sinking feeling - "Oh no, do I have enough thread?"  Well about now I'm holding my breath hoping I have enough thread.  That spool is from my stash with no label - little luck finding the exact replacement in a day.  . . . .  Ok, I was able to exhale with thread to spare for another small project.

At 10:30 last night I had to stop as the next day was another work day.  This project is not done, in fact I may start all over again.  Stay tuned... I still have another week to finish this project, but shhhhhhhh . . . . if you know my Dad, don't tell him about this little project.  :)

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