Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dressed to a T ...ree!

What signs of spring do you have in your neighborhood?  The grape hyacinths in my Chicagoland garden are still shivering, too cold yet to take on their role as soldiers of spring.  I've always had a few of these little purple guys, but last year I planted 200 bulbs and I'm waiting, waiting waiting for this new army of spring to usher in warmer weather. 

Last week Rita Farro and I met at the Morton Arboretum.  Lucky for us we sat outside on the Visitors Center patio to review new SCHMETZ educational materials and to discuss upcoming SCHMETZ projects. 

Over Rita's shoulder I noticed unexpected color, lots of color.  Oh my, the tree has color spots!

As we got closer we spotted clues that we were in for a special surprise. . . .

A dance of color among the forsythia . . .

Wow!  What a delight!  A dressed tree!  Someone has done some serious branching out with their crocheting!

Who could guess that even a tree could dress up in anticipation of spring? Is this the only tree dressed for the season?  I can hardly wait to find out if more trees will be dressed in Nature Unframed, an upcoming contemporary sculpture exhibit at Morton Arboretum, May 20 - November 27, 2011. http://www.mortonarb.org/

This tree reminds me of one of my favorite blogs - Advanced Style, see the link in the right column.
Be colorful . . . . regardless of the season!

Enjoy spring!


  1. It's called Yarnbombing. I just found out about it this month and there is a new book ("Yarnbombing") detailing spectacular yarn bombings. The book was at my library but you can find it on amazon.com. Urban graffiti with yarn - don't you love it?

  2. Hi Kathy:
    Yarnbombing! I love it! Thanks for letting us know.