Monday, March 28, 2011

007 to the Rescue

Wow! What a terrific product!  007 Bond.  Not James Bond, but 007 Bond as in Bonding Agent.  For quite sometime a tear has needed a repair in my comforter.  Since I didn't do the job immediately, the tear had grown to about 4".  Repairing a rip is not sewing, and like alterations . . . . a burden, but never fear 007 Bond to the rescue!  I had seen this product and the demos at many sewing shows, but only recently did I figure out this 007 Bonding Agent was perfect for the job.

The Problem -
4" Rip in my Comforter

Look closely. . . 007 was sprinkled onto a fabric patch, then sprinkled with water.  The patch was inserted under the rip.

Heat sets the adhesive powder. 
A Bo-Nash Pressing Sheet protects the fabric and the iron. 

Voila!  After setting for an hour, the rip disappeared!

I Love 007 Bonding Agent!

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