Monday, February 21, 2011

Sweater Recycling... .... Brrrrrrrrr It's Cold Outside!

No Chicago blizzard blues here.  If you have a sewing machine or serger . . . and electricity, there is always a project lurking to be finished or even better -  started.  It's snowing here again, so I want to show you the project I finished during the last snow storm.

First to my husband's surprise I cleaned - well, purged is a better word - my wardrobe closet, then scoped out my husband's sweaters.  I always love my husband's sweater collection and was able to sneak a couple that he will never miss (I hope.)  Here are seven sweaters laid out on my ironing board.

Not quite certain how I was going to remake a sweater I first chose a base sweater for the body -  in this case the wonderful creamy sherbet green.  Then I got side tracked...  I needed a scarf for a blue snow coat and guess what?  That ice blue sweater was the perfect color, so I cut off the sleeves and sewed the two armholes together to make . . . . . a scarf!  Yes, a silly idea, but I love this scarf.  It's cushy cozy and just the right length.  A bonus was that the scarf ends did not need to be finished since they are the ribbed cuffs.

Back to the sweater I chose two accent colors - trimming the neckline, adding gussets and sleeve insets in the ice blue, then adding sleeves in a creamy dreamy rose.

The neckline was cut deep & wide.  I thought the sweater still needed a little "pop" of color and found little orange triangular buttons to highlight the gussets and a bright yellow 5 petal flower for the front closure.  There's so cute! 

This was a quick project using a serger and SCHMETZ Universal 90/14 needles recycling some favorite sweaters that I just couldn't bear to give or throw away.  So now I'm waiting for some warm spring weather.  This little sweater will be perfect with a little white scoop or boat neck t-shirt.
Now, what am I going to do with the other 4 sweaters?  What are you recycling?


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