Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kissed by the Sun... in the Bahamas!

Tired of shivering?  Thinking a little sunshine and mild temperatures might improve your spirits?  Think Bahamas!

Last week while relaxing in Nassau, the Stepping Stone Quilters Annual Quilt Show in the Trinity Methodist Church came to our attention.  The exhibit included over 60 quilts - traditional and art.  Like many shows, viewers were asked to vote for their favorite quilts.

Mad As _ _ _ _  (You can guess this 4 letter word.)
Since this was on display in a church the title was changed to
Mad As A Mother Hen!
This was my favorite small quilt  - the furious hen stubbornly looking up at me with her beady eyes.  What an attitude!  Every raw stitch contributed to this irate hen.   

In The Woods
Here is my favorite large quilt.  The color play of green and cascading leaves on a traditional log cabin was very comfortable and soothing. 

Maria Chisnall
 But my biggest delight was meeting Maria the creator of both quilts.  Don't you just love meeting quilters and sewing enthusiasts!  My immediate wish for you is to enjoy a quilt or sewing show with friends on a bright and warm Bahama island!


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  1. You lucky woman! Enjoy the warmth for the rest of us!!