Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let It Snow . . .

Last weekend Chicago land - which is where I live - was blanketed with a beautiful white and fluffy snow.  I just could not stop myself . . .  Since becoming a photo bug I bundled up to take pictures of the glistening wonderland before the wind had a chance to change the winter scape.  Take a look...

Snow Covered Berries
I adore the red berries on this tree.  Some of the berries are nearly translucent from the freezing temperature.  When I looked at the whole tree against the snow background my first thought was translating it into embroidery.  Wouldn't this pic make a beautiful embroidered block?  Wouldn't this be spectacular on a white Ultrasuede, which I recently found  in my stash.  Something to ponder.....

Limelight Hydrangea

This summer I planted 8 Limelight Hydrangea.  To say they were magnificent is an understatement.  For new plantings the blooms were impressive - robust and full.  . . . .  I'm imagining next year's growth . . .  but to get back on track I love the way snow created domes on the blooms.  Now I'm wondering how I can translate these regal snow globes into embroidery.  Any ideas?  I better start collecting white, silver and iridescent threads.

With the dogwoods I love the snow resting gracefully on the red branches.  Hey, I think this could be a very cool 10" embroidery block.  Well it looks like I have the beginning of an Ultrasuede quilt or at least an embroidery series, but first...

. . . . I better finish another project I started during Thanksgiving. During last weekend's snow storm I squared up my embroidered blocks using the Roll The Gold blades. Have you tried them yet? Smooth as butter, these blades cut effortlessly. With the Titanium coating they last a long time, but I like that I can cut faster and more accurately. The 45 mm blades - they are sold in 2 and 10 packs - work with all the rotary cutters found in my drawer - Olfa, Clover, Dritz, etc.

I'm taking a few days off for the holiday.  Hopefully I can finish a couple projects and start some new ones.  You know how it is... always creating in my mind and hopefully . .  with my hands.
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