Sunday, September 5, 2010


This hem will never fall out again!

Last week I was packing for a trip to Baby Lock Tech - the annual meeting of Baby Lock dealers in St. Louis. While packing I noticed a pant hem had pulled out. Something about the fabric and thread combo causes the hem to fall out.  Yes, this was not the first time these pants needed to be hemmed.

Luckily my sewing machine was already threaded with white thread.  Yep, I stitched in a straight hem.  Then, I wondered, what am I thinking?  I'm going to a machine dealer meeting - - - a fancy decorative stitch is in order. 

Yep these hems will never pull out again!
. . . . and why stop at just one pair of pants?  I did two!

St. Louis was beautiful with lush colorful gardens and a view of the Arch within an easy walk of the hotel. 
Thanks Baby Lock for inviting SCHMETZ to your annual meeting!

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