Friday, September 10, 2010

In Harmony with Bias

This summer the American Sewing Guild Conference took place in Atlanta, GA.  What a delight to see so many garment and fashion enthusiasts.  One of my pleasures was finally meeting the design team of Fashion in Harmony.  Here I am with Julianne Bramson, designer, and her partner Susan Lenahan. 
Me with Julianne & Susan

Julianne is a master of designing garments on the bias, while Susan writes clear and precise sewing instructions.  What a team!  We are each wearing Fashion in Harmony garments.  I adore the Biased About Jackets pattern.  It's made from a silk blend.  I must admit to holding my breathe as I brazenly worked with these bold stripes, but as you can see - the jacket is stunning!  The thought & detail of the back jacket construction is brilliant giving the jacket body and interest.  Well done ladies!  . . . .

But let's continue into this world of bias with Fashion in Harmony.   In a June blog I posted about the Mystery of the Red Dots.  Well here's my finished garment . . .

Julianne & I wearing Magic Bias Dresses
I love how the striped insert sweeps around my body.  My dress is made from a jersey knit found at Fields in Grand Rapids, MI.  Even more special was that the selvage had a 6" stripe that worked perfectly for the insert.  At first I thought the stripe might be too pronounced looking like a Miss America banner, but I got over it -  although this picture is amusing - since I'm a glow! The stripe is very intriguing to those who appreciate fine design.  This dress is incredibly comfortable and I will be making several more.

Magic Bias Dress and Biased About Jackets

Fashion in Harmony is located in California.  Their patterns can be purchased over the web.  Recently I made their Acute Angle Blouse from a midnight blue rayon with sequins.  Yes, it was lovely.  My next project is either another Magic Bias Dress or an unusual Chinese Lantern Skirt - unusual only because it is definitely outside my clothing comfort zone.

Julianne will be teaching at the end of the month at the American Sewing Expo in Novi, MI - always a fabulous show!  Make sure you check out her patterns and visit .

Yes it's true, I'm biased about Fashion in Harmony!

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