Friday, June 11, 2010

Mystery of the Little Red Dots!

Although I consider myself a quilter, I have returned to sewing garments. What fun it is to shop & sew with so many different fabric types, textures and colors. I consider myself to be pretty good at sewing, but fit - well you know how fit can foil even the most precisely executed garment. So, I've been sewing outside my comfort zone and trying new patterns. My current sewing project is a Fashion in Harmony Magic Bias dress. What fun! The fabric is a jersey knit with overlapping quarter size circles of white, beige, black & midnight blue. This pattern has been so very fun to sew with excellent instructions. The dress seam swirls around my body, while the sleeve seams swirl around my arms. 

While sewing I noticed a series of tiny red dots all in an even row running parallel to the raw edges of my seams. These little red dots almost looked like minuscule mites, except they didn't move. What in the world could these dots be? Where are they coming from? I was sewing at the end of a work day and my lipstick was still somewhat fresh. Imagine… I was using my super thin Swiss Iris pins and holding them between my pursed lips before securing my fabric pieces together. Each pin had just a hint of Fire & Ice lipstick!

What needle did I sew with? SCHMETZ, of course. A SCHMETZ Stretch 75!  What's YOUR Favorite SCHMETZ needle? 


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