Friday, June 4, 2010

2010 SCHMETZ Portfolio Designer: Carol Ahles

Carol's Favorite SCHMETZ Needle - Twin

For Carol Ahles' stitching with twin needles opens many practical as well as creative possibilities: Stitch two perfectly even rows of topstitching or decorative stitching simultaneously; Stitch both sides of a narrow ribbon or trim at the same time; Add texture and/or color, especially when the stitching is corded; Creatively hem a garment or disguise the crease line when letting down a hem; Create pintucks on light-to-medium-weight fabrics for a classic heirloom look; Embellish sheer fabrics with a shadow-work effect.

Carol is known for her many years of contributing to Threads and Creative Needle magazines and her best-selling book, Fine Machine Sewing. She is a lifelong sewer and former fabric store owner and sewing machine dealer. She has taught thousands of students in North America and Australia how to use any sewing machine to its fullest potential. Carol is now the distributor of heirloom sewing tools that are made using the best traditional English finishing methods. Check out Carol's website for her teaching schedule and beautiful sewing tools -

   What's YOUR favorite SCHMETZ needle?


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