Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why I Love SCHMETZ Needles . . .

My name is Carla Marienau. I started embroidering about 6 years ago with my cousin, Peggy Gliot. Peggy called me one day and told me I had to come over, she had something to show me. When I arrived at her house, she took me downstairs and she had a whole basement set up for sewing and embroidering. I had never used an embroidery machine before and I was hooked. My mom was an expert seamstress ( and my mom was Peggy's daycare while her parents worked)and taught Peggy and I how to sew when we were kids. Peggy's father had a sewing machine repair shop before both of us were born. All Peggy could say to me as I was experiencing embroidering for the first time is"Wow, would your mom and my dad be excited about these embroidery machines." Both our parents have been gone for many years.

Peggy and I started meeting one night a week at her house to embroider. My niece was having her first baby and Peggy and I sewed the entire nursery from the crib blankets and bumpers to the curtains on the window. We did this all long distance with my niece's sisters running over to her house to measure for us while she was at work! Peggy and I have enjoyed spending so much time together doing something we both enjoy. She is truly an expert at embroidering now and last April, for my birthday, my husband surprised me with my own embroidery machine.

Peggy is my "answer person" whenever I have a question and she told me that the only needle to use for your machines is Schmetz. I recently placed my first order for needles because I have moved to a different state and Peggy always had me just purchase needles from her because she bulk ordered.

Because of your fantastic needle, I have created some very beautiful gifts. I am currently working on a fleece blanket for our 95 year old aunt's surprise birthday party. It is so wonderful being able to create one of a kind gifts for special people and the best part is rekindling a passion for sewing with my cousin Peggy. We talk long distance all the time discussing new patterns or projects.


Carla Marienau

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