Thursday, January 28, 2010

SCHMETZ Testimonial - Phyllis Krogman

Phyllis Krogman is a farm wife and mother of six children. “My mother taught me to sew and I always loved it. Sewing has taken me through the stages of my life. Because of certain fitting challenges, I always had to sew my own clothes. When my girls were small – I enjoyed making their special occasion dresses. I don’t know when I started to sew for other people…but it’s always been a way for me to make some extra money.”

Phyllis is a well known seamstress, who takes on sewing jobs as her time and life permits. She has taught sewing classes at a local sewing machine dealership. Even though she lives way out of town on a gravel road – sewing customers bring her all the business she can handle.

Her most recent project was sewing dresses for two of her daughter’s weddings. She made nine dresses for Andrea’s wedding – and 11 for Beth’s wedding. “I’ve been a garment sewer all my life. Making clothes that truly fit is a joy for me -- and I would never consider using anything but a SCHMETZ sewing machine needle. After investing all that money into the fabric and patterns – not to mention my TIME – why would I use an inferior needle and risk puckered seams or shredded thread that would ruin the garment? SCHMETZ has never let me down!”


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