Thursday, January 28, 2010

SCHMETZ Testimonial - Elaine Ellison

Elaine Ellison taught mathematics at West Lafayette High School in Indiana. A woman of varied interests, her hobbies included photography, traveling, painting and quilting. Since her retirement to Sarasota, Florida – she has combined her love of mathematics and quilting to teach quilters and pre-service teachers how to use quilts in the classroom to help students gain geometric insights. Elaine says, “I have done workshops around the world. My talks include the London Science Museum, other science groups, art museums, various quilt groups, school groups, and mathematical groups. Along with co-author Dr. Diana Venters, I have written: Mathematical Quilts and More Mathematical Quilts.”

Elaine started quilting in the early 80’s, when she was still teaching full time. She says, “To get the best results, I don’t think the machine you’re sewing on is as important as the sewing machine needle you are using. When I was making a quilt out of Chintz fabric, needles would stick or pull the fabric up. The Microtex #60 slid through – and I was using metallic thread. Without that needle, I never would have been able to complete the quilt. SCHMETZ is a wonderful company, and for quilters, the Microtex #60 is the Cadillac of sewing machine needles.”

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