Thursday, January 28, 2010

SCHMETZ Testimonial - Christine Spencer

Christine Spencer is from Detroit, Michigan. When asked the question, “When did you learn how to sew?” She replied, “I was in 7th grade and taking sewing in home ec. My grandmother gave me the machine that my grandfather used before he passed away. It was an antique black Singer electric machine. I practiced what I learned in class at home. I had a Zen experience while I was making a pair of lime-green hip hugger pants appliqu├ęd with a moon and star: I felt like I was one with the universe while sewing on the machine. I have spent the rest of my life sewing because of that experience.”

While attending college, Christie apprenticed to tailors, first in a menswear store and later in a uniform factory. After graduating, she worked as a tailor and then as an instructor at a technical school (Institute of Merchandising and Design). Eventually, she started her own business -- custom sewing and embroidery designs. Sewing has always been part of her working life, and she has owned many sewing machines over the years – but she has relied on one sewing machine needle company – SCHMETZ.

Whether she is using her antique Singer sewing machine to sew the perfect straight stitched seam in a wool suit -- or a brand new embroidery machine to create an intricate embroidery design – Christie always uses a SCHMETZ sewing machine needle. “I’ve had a commercial embroidery business and I’m in love with free motion embroidery. My favorite needle is the SCHMETZ GOLD Titanium needle because of how long it lasts!! The difference between the titanium needle and other embroidery needles is that when embroidering on rayons, silks and bamboo (my favorite fabrics) with the SCHMETZ Gold, I never worry about making a hole and then a run in the fabric. I count on SCHMETZ for perfect results every time.”


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